Professional Cannabis Consultant

The field of cannabis medicine is blossoming rapidly, and cannabis patients today enjoy an unprecedented and ever-growing array of options. Since cannabis is recommended, not prescribed, each patient is empowered to control their own treatment, but without guidance, identifying the right course of action can be overwhelming. For many patients, this ends up being a process of trial and error, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Information about cannabis abounds, but so does misinformation; to learn which is which, the best source is an experienced, credentialed medical professional with an accredited certification in cannabis nursing.

Holistic Approach

I believe in treating the whole person — mind, body, and spirit — not the disease. My goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your use of cannabis medicine.

How can I help you?

Each session is tailored to your individual needs, focused on the overall health of mind, body, and spirit.

Alternative Methods

There’s more to cannabis medicine than just smoking, and different methods have different effects and dosages.

THC? CBD? Terpenes?

Learn about the variety of compounds in cannabis that work in synergy to produce a variety of different medical effects.

Cannabis Recommendations

Learn about the legal requirements, prerequisites, and potential benefits of getting your doctor’s recommendation.

Managing Psychoactivity

If you are concerned about impairment, I can help you with strategies to minimize those effects without sacrificing relief.

Individualized Service

Options to fit your needs, whether you are brand new to medical cannabis, or just want to make sure you’re getting the most from your meds.

Expert Assistance

I am a Registered Nurse with 30 years clinical experience and a certificate in cannabis nursing from the ACNA.

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By phone or Skype: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Office visits and house calls: Tuesdays and Thursdays