Cannabis: a different kind of medicine.

Since doctors cannot prescribe cannabis, patients do not receive the specific dosages and instructions, as they do with pharmaceuticals. This is one of the biggest advantages of cannabis, but also one of its biggest challenges.

Safe, helpful answers

How can you work cannabis into your current pharmaceutical regimen? Will there be any adverse interactions? How will your long-term health be affected? Are you getting the most out of your medicine? Whether you have a few quick questions or aren’t even sure what to ask, there are services to fit your needs.

Improved Patient Outcomes

My vision for the good that can come from cannabis is to see improvement in patient’s symptoms, perhaps a reversal of certain chronic inflammatory conditions and cancer/tumors, and an overall acceptance of the numerous benefits that cannabis can provide. I want to help you save the time, money, and frustration that many new patients experience as they try to find the right medicine through trial and error, and get you on the right track toward a healthier and happier future.

Office Hours

Whether you prefer an office consultation for more hands-on instruction with methods of medicating, a teleconferencing session that fits your busy schedule, or an in-home appointment, I can work with you. My office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9AM  to 5PM, and Friday from 9AM to 2PM.


Monday • Wednesday • Friday

I do remote appointments by phone or Skype. Available in 30 minute or 1 hour blocks of time, teleconferencing fits into the busiest of schedules, and is 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant.


Tuesday • Thursday

Face to face consultations allow for more hands-on training and interaction, ideal for those who are brand new to medcical cannabis. If you cannot come to the office, I do make house calls!